Website Progress

Hi everyone,

As you know we have been building a new website for quite some time now. While the start has been very slow we are slowly getting somewhere.

Here is a summary of the work we have done and what is still outstanding, which I will update as we progress:

  • Refresh design OUTSTANDING (though you should already fit it easier to navigate the webpage on your mobile phone)
  • Transfer content: hut information DONE
  • Transfer content: club info and history OUTSTANDING
  • Meets list PARTIAL (added 2017, need to add old meets as well as socials and other events)
  • Add regular news (e.g. meet reports and announcments) IN ROGRESS
  • Add old meet reports IN ROGRESS
  • Membership application form DONE
  • Hut booking forms PARTIAL (Caseg is done, Fallclifee needs to be booked via the contact form)
  • Contact forms DONE
  • Option to buy club swag OUTSTANDING
  • Members area: membership renewal OUTSTANDING
  • Members area: newsletter archive OUTSTANDING
  • Members area: club archive OUTSTANDING
  • Email sign up for intrested climbers, hill walkers and fell runners OUTSTANDING

Best wishes,

Stephan (Website Editor)